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Message 1:

May 4th 2005 07:33:44 PM
How did you find this website? Referal
Where are you from? HK
Have you ever met Daniel in person? I see him in the mirror everyday!
Please enter your comments?
Hey Alice,
A fan e-amiled me this link. Just want to say nice site!
Thanks for putting out so much effort for me!
Take Care,
Daniel Wu

Message 2:

Name: Daniel Wu
Date: Thu Aug 04 03:51:27 EDT 2005
Hey Alice!
Nice Site again. Check out my new site: It\'s in english so maybe you can create a link to us! Thanks!

Video recorded message:

Quote from News Archive about how this message came about:


Best BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!!! Lol ok let me stop hyperventilating and let me tell you exactly what has happened.. Basically the fan (Sarah) that I met in the queue of ALIVE's concert was going to an Autograph session of ALIVE's last week sometime, and I was chatting to her online and I thought while I was at it I'll ask her to say to Daniel I'm the one that made this website for him and to Andrew thanks for the tickets last time etc... (just so they know this fan is the same person and that they remember me! Hehee..:P) and so I thought I'd just mention it, I doubted she would anyway, you know, starstruckness etc..

BUT she came online today and sent me this video and told me to just watch it, so I did and my jaw nearly fell off in surprise! She ACTUALLY mentioned me to both Daniel AND Andrew and they BOTH remember me!! OMGOMG it does NOT get much better then this, I swear... for an idol to remember a fan, both with two different memories of me... hehehe *smiles a gleeful smile*. This is her version of the story:

Sarah and Charlotte (another fan) were queuing for the autographs getting all excited, lol, and they finally got to the front of the queue where ALIVE were. So firstly, Sarah said to Daniel:
"Do you remember a girl from England who made you a website called 'In Love With Dan Wu'?"
He thought for a while and he said: "Oh yea, yea I do remember!".
Then Sarah said she was my friend, and she used her camera and asked Daniel to say something to me!! *screams*.
Then she asked Andrew whether he remembers giving two tickets to a girl and Sarah was so nervous that she forgot to clarify which tickets she was talking about, so Andrew had to think for a while about what she was on about! Then finally he remembered and he said: "Oh yea, I remember, I remember! Two slim-looking girls right?" and Sarah said: "Hai ah! Hai ah! (Yea, yea)". And thats kinda in the video as well!

So I've been talking about it for so long, I've put it up for download now!! Daniel basically says:
"Hello Alice, thank you (in Cantonese), thank you (in English)!" SOO mega cute....
and then Andrew says:
"Those two little girls init?" (but you can't hear him that well, he speaks quite softly, hehe..)

So please let me know what you guys think of this in guestbook!! Once again, thanks A MILLION TO SARAH AND CHARLOTTE, giving up their precious time to talk to Daniel and Andrew about me! And thanks to Daniel and Andrew for remembering me!!! I'm so glad I've made a little imprint on your lives!! :P

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