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AND guess what? I've been paying attention to the Chinese Zodiac and what it means for the Year of the Dog, and both me and Daniel are Tigers and I found out that Tigers will have GREAT luck this year!! Woohooo! Such good news, I had to share, anyone else a Tiger? Heehee

Anyways, does anyone know how Daniel was celebrating? I'm so busy right now, I haven't got enough time to do thorough research, but I was browsing just now and found Daniel on an Asian Hunk site! Check it out!

13.1.06 - Daniel has finished shooting Night Banquet!

Click here for a video of the party held at a hotel in Beijing. But Daniel doesn't appear much and I can't seem to be able to view it right now, but you guys can try it.
Apparently, Daniel was wearing an orange flannel shirt and orange baseball hat!

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Here's the article I promised and had started translating the other day, with scans of the original including the childhood photo, check it out! The article was soo long (although it didn't look it in chinese) and took a long time to translate and type up so please 'treasure' it! XD

7.1.06 - Daniel's interview from Summer 2005

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Daniel's interview and scans of the article follows:

'Sun Dey' mag

W: = the author of this article
D: = Daniel

Heading: 'Real Fake Prince'- Daniel Wu

Film: Beyond our Ken quoted: 'In this world, princes do not exist, only b******* pretending to be princes!'

6 ft 1 in height, 38 inch chest, 163lb, sporty-fit body structure. Polite, well-educated, well-mannered, a book reader, a man of principles, honest, charisma, born in San Fransico, bred in America, family business - farming? (not too sure about this word), has 2 older sisters, being the youngest, graduated with architectural degree, returned to HK and became an actor. During his spare time, he assists with film producing/directing, lives in a rich region of Hong Kong, his cars include Audi and Range Rover, pets include a French bulldog and has a princess-like, model girlfriend, strives for perfection and is himself near perfection, and finally, is more fairytale than the average fairytale prince in many female's hearts.

W: It was hard to believe in such a perfect human that is real, that I was even suspicious that Daniel is in fact a b****** pretending to be a prince. Also rumours have been flying about Daniel and Miriam, with much speculation as to what the truth is. Quoting from Beyond Our Ken: "A real prince would never upset the princess, if the prince does, he is not a real prince."

D: "People do think I am a true prince, but it was not created by me! Since I was young, I was very rebellious. I don't make it obvious, you don't need to tell peeople these things. I think that being rebellious isn't something you show but is a type of thinking. For example, taste in music, fashion, I don't ever go with the flow, because I want to know the truth so I always challenge the existing, especially when I was small, growing up in America was hard. My family were very traditional, chinese init! I was rebellious because of my American White friends. At their house, their lifestyle is very different to ours. They treat their parents like friends, they tell them anything and do anything they like, but my family is the oppposite.

"There was a time when I felt like going crazy, because at school with my friends was one personality and at home there was another. Sometimes I would feel really caught in the middle, e.g. I wanted to play on the soccer team but my parents didn't want me to, they just said to me: 'Sport isn't any use to you in the future, you have to study hard and be an architect', so it lead to a lot of arguments. I went to a private school which was very small, total: 200 people, but everyone was very well-behaved and clever, and at the time I had a flashy haircut & a skateboard, listened to metal music and was really cocky so people at school didn't really like me, I wasn't as popular as you all think I am!

"I was 16 when I had my first love, before, I did think of dating but failed, because when I was 13, I expressed my love to a white girl and she rejected me. Then at 16, I dated a chinese girl. I'm very shy with relationships, even now.

W: That innocent? He doesn't look like such a b*******. Daniel and Miriam have been rumoured together since 2002 Love Undercover til 2005 Drink Drank Drunk. From rumours about Miriam having a crush on Daniel til now, rumours are never ending, and you're never quite certain whether they're true or not. The newest rumour is that Daniel and Miriam have bought 'couple cars'.
All this time Lisa S was kept in the dark and if she finds out he was cheating she will be very angry.

D: "If Lisa believes these rumours, then she isn't my girlfriend, I wouldn't want such a gf. A relationship is based on trust. If you don't trust each other, there will always be a problem in between you. IF she doesn't trsut me, I would break up with her. If whatever I did, she was suspicious about and always thinking that I would cheat on her, even if I said I wouldn't, the topic would come up time and again. I would be really sick of it and wouldn't want to continue. When I was younger, I might have been able to take it but now I'm too busy, I don't need to be involved in this. In the past, I had a gf like this, I felt really bothered about it, every time I told her I loved her and am committed to her, but after a week she would be suspicious again. At the time I thought every girl was like this, but its not. Now that I'm mature, I understand what is real love. If someone really loves you and is true to you, you wouldn't need to cheat. I can't control girls coming up to me, but I can control whether I do anything about it. If she is my gf, she has to believe I have this power otherwise we will not last long together.

W: Cannot believe this 'ABC' can understand chinese traditional real love concepts. These three years, have you felt that Miriam likes you?

Daniel smiles and says: "I think it hasn't happened, we have cooperated and are good friends but I don't know why reporters love to write about us, well I'll take it as free promotion! She's more of a tomboy, so we get on well, and she has a sense of humour and jokes about a lot, but it's not like how the reporters say, that she laughs for no reason, not as far as I can see anyway.

W: I think if Miriam really does fancy Daniel, she should make friends with Lisa S, at least they have the same topic to talk about.
Although Daniel speaks of his parents as traditional, he is also a 100% traditional man. He wants to find his perfect lady to be his partner, to carry on his bloodline, and have a little prince as perfect as himself.

D: "In three years I have taken a break, and now I'm starting to feel tired, so this summer I will not take any film projects, take 3 months off to 'charge up' my energy. I think I will not retire fully in the future, I can't not have anything to do, because I like the feeling of working in a big group. I think when I'm about 40 something, I would spend more time at home and when I have children, I would participate in less films, say one a year or even one every 2 years.

"I've always wanted to have children. Because artists always produce things, like songs, films, performances but I think the most beautiful product is definitely your own baby because it's the combined product from you and your loved one and is the most beautiful piece of artwork. I think about having children a lot of the time but my work is too busy now, no time to look after children, I would never like to see my children once every couple of months, I want to support them all the way because my family has always been like that. Right now I will keep myself busy with work and am not thinking about marriage. It's too far ahead. From my angle, marriage means wanting to have children, otherwise there is no other reason to marry now. Being my girlfriend, having children is one requirement of others!"

W: Always being conscious of health and fitness, during his spare time, he definitely works out and swims to keep himself fit. From time to time he would also cook for himself and cook some healthy low fat and low salt dishes and recently has even become Boots Detox spokesperson.

D: "When I shoot adverts, I don't look at the money, I will test out the product to see if it's really that good. Terence has been going out clubbing and drinking recently so his health isn't too good and his digestive system too so I gave him some of the detox product and he started taking it a few days ago. If a product isn't good I wouldn't reccommend it to my friends."

W: Because the interviewee was Daniel Wu, 2 weeks ago many female colleagues from Fashion dept volunteered to help with the outfits for Daniel, reason being to be able to get a closer look at their dream prince.
End of interview, the female colleagues who have been standing by all this time, asked for a photo with their idol. One of the female colleagues was extra nervous and excited, eyes filled with emotion and near almost crying. And another female colleague, usually shy, during the interview, was continuously praising Daniel, that he was cute and handsome, leading to Daniel repeatedly saying 'no, not really..'.
Eventually the interview finished, and we all prepared to leave and one of the girls surprisingly said: 'Leave first, don't wait for me.' obviously planning to spend last few minutes with her idol.

After seeing Daniel's handsome features, charm and charisma, I totally understand now why he is definitely a dream prince...

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Credits to os@newmediagroup.com.hk