OMG I just recieved news that Daniel and the rest of his band, 'ALIVE', (which means he is officially singing now) will be performing guests at a concert which will be happening on August 4th, I'm sooo going to go to that if I can! It also says in this article that in their new album, they will include Cantonese, Mandarin and English contemporary songs! Their aim is to have a modern, breakthrough-type meaning behind it, while using famous composers and producers help with this album, hoping to bring enlightening entertainment to fans! Wow, looking forward to it! And regarding their FIRST ever live performance as a band, they have kept very secretive: what kind of costumes they will have, what songs they will sing and what they have in store for the audience, they hope to give the audience a surprise, and hope that fans will buy tickets to see them on the day! Well that's certainly GOOD news!! I'm leaving for HK tonight so I will see you all when I get back! Happy surfing while I'm gone! =D

27.07.05 - Updated and I'm going to Hong Kong!

I've done lots of updating on the 'News and Updates' page so please have a look!! I added a photo section on Boot's promotion and HOT photos of Karen's concert! And I added some more cute pictures into Daniel's profile. AND THE GREATEST NEWS OF ALL is that I'm flying to Hong Kong this Friday, so, 1: this site will not be updated in the next two weeks that I'm away :( lol and 2: I cross my fingers that I will see Daniel and tell him all about my new site, swoon over him and get his autograph or something along those lines! (The rest is censored..lol, but my mate, Jas, did suggest making good use of the random table on the roof of the Hong Kong convention centre in New Police Story ;) ) I will take lots of photos and when I come back I will scan them up for everyone to see!! Not forgetting to do MAJOR Daniel DVDs shopping!! AND if I'm in luck, Teen Bui But Jui may be out in cinemas then, and I will be able to finally watch a Dan Wu movie in a HK cinema!! =D So if I don't update before Friday, then see you all when I come back!! As a last thing before I go, I've changed the Poll (since Miriam Yeung's "Love Undercover 2" MTV won by a whopping 13 votes - can I ask why? I thought everyone liked Elva's MTV the most... :S but anyways, Elva and Miriam Yeung's "Teddy Girl" came second with 4 votes, and Joey Yung's MTV didn't get any votes).

23.07.05 - Updates on 'Teen Bui But Jui' - The Movie

I've created a new page for this movie (which I still don't know the English name of) where I've uploaded some photos and will be loading up some news updates on the latest on Teen Bui But Jui! It can be found on the News and Updates page. So look out for it! Also the latest Daniel photo has changed to the poster (I think) for 'Teen Bui But Jui'. Updates and photo gallery real soon! ;)

20.07.05 - New Poll!!

DBS credit card advert has officially won with ten votes!! Biore coming second with nine votes, and Mona Lisa Bridal advert came third with four votes. Now the new poll is up, voting for Daniel's best appearance in music videos so far, so vote away!! I'm still building up the photo gallery right now!

19.07.05 - Photo Gallery is coming along!

The Photo Gallery is now building up fast, and will contain all the photos I have possession of and will hopefully be the largest gallery of Daniel Wu pictures because I've taken all photos everywhere I see them! Hehe... Oh and the poll will be changed soon, since the highest vote is 9 and once it hits 10, then that one will the be winner and a new poll will go up!! And Daniel's latest photos are of his 'band', with his mates Andrew Lien, Conroy Chan and Terence Yin, but I'm not sure what role JVC plays in this? I need to do more researching on whats happening there! But I'm updating the photo gallery as we speak so it will be up very soon!! WATCH THIS SPACE!!! (Oh and as a big favour to me, please can people who have good ideas for advertising post in the guestbook!!! Because I really need to advertise this site now, otherwise other Daniel Wu fans can't get to it! Thanks a million!)

12.07.05 - Completed lots of remainder of site

Whew, finally moved everything I was supposed to move from the old site and made it better, (e.g. Filmography, Fans experiences,) and I see the poll is getting along really well! It seems a lot of people like DBS Credit Card advert the most! I will soon complete the news and photo gallery section, so watch this space! I haven't heard much from Daniel lately but I've heard he wants to take a break after he's finished with what he's doing now and go with Lisa to Africa to see her parents! More later!


Finally the guestbook is up and running, leave me a message before you leave!! And also let me know what you all think of this site from there now!! And Daniel, if you read this please leave me a message so I know you've visited!!

06.07.05 - Mona Lisa Bridal Advert!

Wow! Daniel looks sooo cute doing this bridal advert with Cathy Chui!! Click here to visit the official site! Although I have seen pictures of Daniel dressed in wedding gear, I didn't know this website existed (thanks to Allie for telling me). For those of you who can't read the text: a must-click is the second button from the left at the bottom row and on the drop down menu, click the first link, and its photos of Daniel and Cathy, and Daniel looks sooooo handsome in a white suit and then a black suit, in such cute lovey-dovey poses with Cathy..*drools*..Now its added to the 'Adverts' page, and you can now vote for Mona Lisa Bridal Advert in the poll!

I've updated the Filmography page, I'm slowly adding the official sites for each movie (although not every movie has one), the Interviews page is increasing with links to other Daniel interviews and the Links page has many more links to everything Daniel, not just other fan sites but also articles and photos as well, please feel free to contribute anything! (Thanks to all that gave me links ;))

04.07.05 - OMG Dan's actually singing!

Do tell me if I'm wrong, but is Daniel starting a band? Because I certainly heard him sing a song with Terence Yin, Andrew Lien and Conroy Chan!! And Daniel's voice is a classic! You must listen to it! Download/listen to it here
Listen out for Daniel's vocals at the beginning and then his rapping bit near the middle, soooOOO cUtE!! I don't know how long ago this was, or if and when they are releasing it and whether Daniel is taking singing as a serious career!! If I catch more news on this I'll update everyone!


Well at last I've moved to a much better site!! Hope all of you like this layout and the navigation on the right is much better and has many more things to explore than the old site!
I spent quite a bit of time creating this site, trying to make it every inch better than the last one!
This site is hosted much better, has much more flexibility due to html (finally I kinda mastered it!!) AND loads much faster!! As I heard that some people who try visiting the Bravehost one, takes a long time to load, it won't happen as much with this site!!
I would like to thank all those who have helped me with suggestions and advice with making this site and the previous one!! Also not forgetting everyone who used to visit regularly, I feel ever so lucky to be the webmistress of this site, to be able to transmit news about Daniel to everyone! It brings us Daniel Wu fans all closer together!!
Hope you continue to support him and also me (hehe.. >_<), and please feel free to browse around, as I have added lots of new stuff!!
As a warning though, the 'News and Updates' and 'Photo Gallery' section will take a while to finish as there is too much information and pictures that need to be sorted before it can go up!! So please bear with me!! Also another thing is that the Guestbook function I still need to wait 2 days for it to be up, so please bear with me and when its up, then leave me lots of messages!!
In the meantime enjoy what there is and please email/tell/send me anything you want me to add/improve!!
Thanks again, START THE DROOLING!!