HEY EVERYONE! Now I can officially get back into admiring Daniel and creating his new website!! I'm currently learning html and picking it up fast and the new website looks soo kewl! Can't wait to show all of you and repay everyone for visiting and supporting this website for so long! I would really like to put up the url address here as I've already found a host and opened up an account etc.. (this host is very good by the way) AND there will be a better polling place, much better navigation and new guestbook, layout and everything! But I can't JUST yet since in case the links aren't working properly yet etc.. I need to make sure it's perfect before I put it up for sure!! So please be a little patient and I PROMISE it will be up within these few days! So please let me know you still support me or any ideas and opinions, oh and PLEASE if you know any places I can advertise this site, it would be brilliant!! Thanks!! *rushes off to carry on with site-building*

15.06.05 - Found another picture of Daniel at Karen's concert

Click here to view all pictures of Daniel at Karen's concert... hehe LOVING the black suit, black tie and black hat...wooohh, doesn't get much better than that. Karen also strips as she's wearing more clothes here than later, hehe proper striptease going on, I wonder what Stephen Fung thinks? I'm DEFINETLY buying the DVD!! I've got a couple of articles about the concert, but I don't have time to translate them, apologies, cos my revision is very intense right now, if anyone has translated articles they want me to put up then please send them to me! I'll try and get news up about this concert asap!

11.06.05 - Daniel in new BOOTS ADVERT!! TOO HOT!

Everyone, it just got better, Daniel has shot an advert with Cathy Chui for Boot's new product '5 Day Detox Diet Plan' AND it involves toplessness in a pool and English-speaking!! I had to search for agees on the Boots UK site for the HK one so appreciate everyone! Visit 'Adverts' Page to view. Oh and thanks to Allie for informing me about his advert! Here's the postcards and posters you get if you buy a certain amount of Boot's products!! DAMN how I wish I could buy them in HK right now! (Source http://www.boots-asia.com.hk/main.asp?Reg=hk) This could be one of the best adverts Dan has done yet! Discuss opinions in forum please!! ENJOY TO THE MAX!! Oh and one other thing Allie informed me about was that Daniel is going to have his first music experience at Karen Mok's up and coming concert at Hong Kong Coliseum! YES, he accepted her invitation to be her guest (other guests include Leo Ku and Andy Lau) and apparently there is going to be sexy dancing between the two!

05.06.05 - Daniel in Men's Biore.. ARGGHH!!!

OMG everyone HAS to watch this... I almost fainted... he is fitter than EVER!! Biore are such geniuses! What could be better than Daniel half naked, running about in water, doing martial arts (HOT), sitting beside a waterfall topless and wearing a crisp white shirt with wind blowing past, woahhh...... Oh and everyone MUST also watch the making-of (doncha just LOVE making-of's, seeing Daniel shooting so professionally?). Click on 'Adverts' on navigation to view.