31.10.05 - NEW POLL!!

Here is the new poll, which is going with the idea that a fan submitted to the chatterbox: 'What is Daniel's best film project so far?' Get Voting!!

N.B. I did two polls because I couldn't decide which films to include in the standard 10 question poll, so I had to do two! :P

27.10.05 - Personal News on Daniel - Golden Horse Awards

Literal Translation of this article

Very recent news of Daniel says something like this year's Golden Horse Award have asked Daniel to be an award presenter but Daniel politely refused. He explained that it is because the Ye Yan/Night Banquet filming in Beijing is taking up most of his time, when he's not actually being filmed, he needs to study the script to further understand his character.

Also while Daniel was in Beijing (do tell me if I have misunderstood) he did a sportswear advert (as seen from 'Daniel Latest photos'), he had to wear clothes that are designed for skiing in the quite warm Beijing weather. He said that it was pretty funny and described himself as a 'portable radiator' during the shooting of the advert. Hehee! XD

26.10.05 - News on 'Ye Yan/Night Banquet'

Shooting of the 'banquet' has officially begun inside an aircraft hangar north of Beijing city and choreographer, Yuen Wo-Ping, has worked on a polo scene at another location. Several days ago, the set suddenly lost power when shooting of the banquet scene was under way. The lighting crew then turned off some lights and by the time the power was restored, lights from the remaining light sources beamed at several silk curtains, which created an unexpected effect. Director Feng Xiaogang immediately called everyone back, several hundreds cast and crew members, to re-shoot the whole scene with the newly created effect.
Source adapted from MonkeyPeaches.

Unfortunately there isn't any personal news or photos of Daniel, its really quite general, but I'll keep a look out! By the sounds of it, the shooting is going quite well, and its a major production so we will have to wait roughly three months for them to finish!

19.10.05 - MTV for Drink Drank Drunk! Daniel's sOO CUTE!

I'm sure a lot of people must have found it by now, but I was one of the late ones and for those who haven't seen the MTV or movie yet, this is a must-see!! MTV includes loads of scenes (the kissing scene as well!) from DDD and Daniel being drunk, being sober, running about with Miriam, funny bits (when he saw Miriam naked ROFL!) and dressed up in suit with rich ladies looking not-so-happy! Click here to check it out! I LOVED it all the way through, I am NEEDING that movie more than ever now! XD

09.10.05 - Daniel on the front cover of Men's Uno Magazine!!

OMG, he looks so *freaking sexy*!! I've added the front cover shot to Daniel's Newest photos section. Click here to see the official site of Men's Uno and they have Daniel's picture as their main page when they are also featuring Tony Leung and Sammi Cheng! Presumably it's about 'Everlasting Regret', but they don't put too much detail on the site... DAMNIT I hate being so far away from HK and magazines with Daniel on the cover of... :S

If any fans buy it, it would be nice to scan the articles and send them to me so we can all share! ;)

09.10.05 - I'm still ALIVE, not dead....lol

Hey everyone, sorry about the long delay! I was so busy and now I'm finally settled, so I can do more posting on this site! Firstly to introduce everyone to a new feature on this site.. is the Chatterbox! If you scroll down on the right, you will see a box, and all DanWu fans can just chat on there! How cool!! Hehee, I haven't used it before so we'll try it out together! Hopefully we can have exciting small discussions on there for people who can't be bothered to go forum, it's another way we can meet and talk to each other! XD

The newest Daniel photo would be from his birthday!! It was an early celebration for him from the ALIVE boys, since Daniel would be travelling up to Beijing to start the shooting of the new movie 'Night Banquet' with Zhang Ziyi and the other cast, and spending his birthday there too!

There were rumours that on the 25/09/05 Sunday, ALIVE met up somewhere while it was pouring down with rain and had an argument... with pictures as well click here for the article. Not too sure how true this report is though..:S

Ok let me do a bit more catching up and researching on what's been happening lately in Daniel's world and get back to ya! XD