28.09.05 - I'm going to uni tomorow morning!!

Just a quick note to say that I'm soo SUPER busy cos its my first year at uni and I'm kinda nervous about it AND what a time for my site to be frozen cos of too many visitors! (Thats a good thing) But now I've changed my host and this time it's UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH! So there can be unlimited visitors now!! Apologies for changing the site name again, I know it's a pain but no there's no more changing!! Ok, I will update as soon as I can once I've moved in and settled.

*Special note* Manj from Kings college says 'Hi!', she's one of my BESTEST mates (I love her to bits) and she's a DAN WU LOVER AND she's non-chinese (British born Indian). I was the one who converted her!! Manj says 'yea!!' If anyone from Kings is reading this, look her up at Stamford street!! (Manj told me to write this, hehe..)

26.09.05 - NEWEST POLL about Alive's decision

I've got two polls going on now, the newest one reflecting Alive's decision to release CD's, just want to know what other fans think about it! If there is something else you feel about it that I have not written in the poll, please feel free to add your comments in the guestbook!!

And also as I have had now, more than two layouts for this site, I thought I'd make a little section showing all my past layouts cos I will be making more! Just for those who want to see how my site has grown! This section will be found in 'About Site', thanks for support! :D

23.09.05 - My Parcel from Sarah

Hehe.. received a Bday parcel from a Dan fan today (we agreed to swap bday pressies as it's her bday on 24th Sep, I sent her lots of ALIVE media in a CD) and she's sooo sweet!! Apart from sending me a load of Chi-seen stuff that Daniel particiapted in, interviews, clips, makings-of and trailers of Daniel's in a CD, but she also sent me a bday present and card!! View photos of my bracelet here >> ;) 1 2

Hehe! Get it? ;)


Wow I've finally created something I'm satisfied with!! This is for the celebration of Daniel's up and coming birthday on the 30th!! Hope you guys all like the new colours, layout and new positioning of stuff, I feel as if my site is maturing! Heheh! Any comments in the guestbook please!!

New latest photos are from the article announcing that ALIVE will release CD's, don't they all look cool with shades on?

21.09.05 - ALIVE EMAILED ME!!!! :P :0 & NEW POLL!!

OMG! They were replying an email that I sent them because they said on their website for fans to send their photos in etc.. and I thought I'd send the photos of us and Andrew (heheh ...) with like a 'Thank-you' note to Andrew for the tickets! But I sent that quite a while ago and I received the reply yesterday!:

From : Alive
Sent : 20 September 2005 09:30:36
To : "'Alice Chan'"
Subject : RE: Alice and Andrew Lin's photo!!!

Dear Friend of ALIVE,

Thanks for your support! We really hope you enjoy our website, remember to let us know more of what you think about it as it is very important to us. Our website is where we can all express ourselves and share our creations. We will be adding new content to our website regularly, so visit alivenotdead.com often to find the very latest from Alive. Thanks for your email please give us some time to go through the photos.

Once again, thanks for the support!

Administrator of ALIVE!

Anyone tell me after reading this whether it's just me or are they hinting that they will get back to me? How are my chances of getting an ALIVE t-shirt? *looks excited*!!

New Poll everyone so get voting!

Also, second piece of news is the premiere of 'Everlasting Regret' happened yesterday night in Admirality, HK . Photos: 1 2

*SHOCKING NEWS* - ALIVE now want to release CDs!!!
Yep... :0 The article says that the boys are getting really famous both in HK and in Taiwan now, and the website is getting so many hits per day. Alive initially did not plan to release CD's, just free downloads, but because they are getting too phenomenal now, their good friend (dunno who) has decided to help them release CD's so that ALIVE will be officially on the music scene.
BUT the way to get the CD's is interesting, you must buy 4 bottles of some drink (no details yet) and then you get ALIVE's EP, with the two songs they have released and a photo album book thingy.
Click here for article and photos of Daniel in this gold jacket :S.

*Some personal opinion* - I'm sure that many fans will have different opinions of Alive's decision of releasing CD's, some feeling that they lied because at the beginning Alive stated that they just wanted to share their creations and music with everyone else, that they are not and do not wish to make money from this business. Other fans may think its great as they can now own their CDs and photo book, so there's definetly going to be controversy around it and in the end, its the boys decision to do whatever, so support them or not, they're going to be famous. But that doesn't stop you from expressing your opinions, please do so in the guestbook or forum! (As long as you keep it appropriate, lol :P)

Ok thats it for now, but as you can tell I've made several improvements to this site as I've learnt a bit more html, BUT I do really wanna make a new 'birthday' layout before the 30th so I'm busy analysing Photo shop... AND getting ready for UNI!! Arggh....

15.09.05 - Second video of Daniel's message to me & ALIVE on cover of Esquire!

Wow the second video is longer and has the whole thing i.e. shows Daniel and Andrew's face while Sarah and Charlotte are asking them the questions, their facial expressions are SOO cutE! Especially when Daniel's like listening in to what Sarah is saying, when he says: "Oh, oh .." and when Andrews like *raised eyebrows*: "Hmm..?", extra toppings of cuteness!! :P

Download the second video here!

Click here for a link to the article talking about ALIVE's autograph session which Sarah and Charlotte attended!!

ALIVE is on the cover of Esquire!! Click here to see the SUPER HOT photos!! (Andrew is super yummy there too ;) ) Although the one of Conroy hugging Daniel is somewhat ... wierd.. :S lol

Also, I'm not sure whether anyone has heard of the show on Channel V who had ALIVE on (but I'm not sure when it was), and the presenter is called something along the lines of 'Mr Black' (cos the show is in Mandarin and I can only understand a little Mandarin) and that show is sOO freaking HOT! I both love the presenter and hate him. Love him cos he's so good at making ALIVE do stupid things, as in he's not like the usual presenters who ask innocent, sensible questions and then end the show.... no... this presenter somehow got a kiss from Daniel AND Terence (thats why I hate him) and asks whether Andrew is gay, whether Andrew wants to kiss Daniel (and its so funny how Daniel gets out of kissing Andrew!!) and makes them dance like they're drunk! That show was too funny, although it took a long time to track down where to download it and downloading both parts of the show too about 3 or 4 hours cos each part was 200MB!! But click here for the link to the forum page in which the links to download this show is, but the downloading is complicated so if anyones bothered, ask me. :P

Getting late now, more tomorrow!

13.09.05 - My 19th Birthday Today!! Heheee.... :P

Thanks everyone for the nice birthday wishes in the Guestbook!!! :p I'm having a great day, but the best is yet to come tonight when I open all my presents!! Can't wait! *looks kiddish*

I still haven't gotten over Daniel talking to me in the video (below), *in shock*, it just proves he HAS visited this site (cos there was always the possibilty that it was another person pretending to be Daniel) and it WAS him that signed the guestbook twice!!! It turned out that (after asking Charlotte) Charlotte and Sarah forgot the name of my site while up there talking to Daniel and Andrew out of nerves (hehe I know how it feels guys! I wanted to say so much to Andrew when I saw him, but couldn't think of a single thing other then cheesy lines, lol!!), BUT as soon as they said a girl from England by the name 'Alice' who made him a website, he was like 'Yea I remember!". Wow.. *looks extremely pleased*...!! It also proves that I DID get the tickets off Andrew, for those who might think my story is too obscure to believe, lol...

Once again, it feels so phenomenal just like when Daniel signed the guestbook, when I received his autograph in the post, when I realised I was going to the concert I never thought I'd ever get the tickets to, and now a personal message from Daniel and Andrew... I dunno whether I can believe it still... makes me think, this must be an above-average fan experience surely? *looks up at the ceiling confused*


Best BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!!! Lol ok let me stop hyperventilating and let me tell you exactly what has happened.. Basically the fan (Sarah) that I met in the queue of ALIVE's concert was going to an Autograph session of ALIVE's last week sometime, and I was chatting to her online and I thought while I was at it I'll ask her to say to Daniel I'm the one that made this website for him and to Andrew thanks for the tickets last time etc... (just so they know this fan is the same person and that they remember me! Hehee..:P) and so I thought I'd just mention it, I doubted she would anyway, you know, starstruckness etc..

BUT she came online today and sent me this video and told me to just watch it, so I did and my jaw nearly fell off in surprise! She ACTUALLY mentioned me to both Daniel AND Andrew and they BOTH remember me!! OMGOMG it does NOT get much better then this, I swear... for an idol to remember a fan, both with two different memories of me... hehehe *smiles a gleeful smile*. This is her version of the story:

Sarah and Charlotte (another fan) were queuing for the autographs getting all excited, lol, and they finally got to the front of the queue where ALIVE were. So firstly, Sarah said to Daniel:
"Do you remember a girl from England who made you a website called 'In Love With Dan Wu'?"
He thought for a while and he said: "Oh yea, yea I do remember!".
Then Sarah said she was my friend, and she used her camera and asked Daniel to say something to me!! *screams*.
Then she asked Andrew whether he remembers giving two tickets to a girl and Sarah was so nervous that she forgot to clarify which tickets she was talking about, so Andrew had to think for a while about what she was on about! Then finally he remembered and he said: "Oh yea, I remember, I remember! Two slim-looking girls right?" and Sarah said: "Hai ah! Hai ah! (Yea, yea)". And thats kinda in the video as well!

So I've been talking about it for so long, I've put it up for download now!! Daniel basically says:
"Hello Alice, thank you (in Cantonese), thank you (in English)!" SOO mega cute....
and then Andrew says:
"Those two little girls init?" (but you can't hear him that well, he speaks quite softly, hehe..)

So please let me know what you guys think of this in guestbook!! Once again, thanks A MILLION TO SARAH AND CHARLOTTE, giving up their precious time to talk to Daniel and Andrew about me! And thanks to Daniel and Andrew for remembering me!!! I'm so glad I've made a little imprint on your lives!! :P

Download it here!!

12.09.05 - Daniel helping out at Unicef...

Here are some pics of Daniel and Gigi Leung helping out at a Unicef charity sale, there are two cutie children who got to kiss Daniel and Gigi, making those two smile non-stop!! 1 2 3 4


Due to some comments about my guestbook being hard to read because of the small box, and also because after pressing the submit button, it shows 'Page not found', resulting in multiple posts... well thats not going to happen anymore!! Because I'm now using a new guestbook which is MUCH better! So please everyone comment there and let me know what you think of it!!

*hint hint, whisper whisper* It's my 19th birthday on Tuesday 13th September, hehehe... *devilish grin*

09.09.05 - Daniel in Venice right now

Daniel, Sammi Cheng and the rest of the 'Everlasting Regret' cast are in Venice right now for the 62nd Venice Film Festival for which 'Everlasting Regret' (directed by Stanley Kwan) was nominated for an award. Click to see red carpet pics! >>1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

On the way there though, Daniel's luggage got lost! But he said it was lucky because he kept his important things with him.

Also received news that 'Everlasting Regret' is out in cinemas on 29th Septemeber!!


07.09.05 - Everlasting Regret!

Wow two posts in one day, never happened before...
But anyways, I found the website to Everlasting Regret!!, with some hot photos of Dan with a moush (cute, but not sure whether it entirely suits him). So check that out! Although I think the site must be fairly new cos the trailer's not even up yet...
Does anyone know when the film's out? Once again, I feel so freakin jealous of all you HK people that get to watch it as soon as it comes out!


Ever so sorry, I know a lot of people have been waiting for me to finish my report, and it has been half finished for all this time, I just hadn't got round to it. But now its finished, detailed and with photos as well! I've also included a little bit at the end on how I met Raymond Wong too!! That was pretty amazing too... lol. Ok enjoy and the Lookalikes section is coming along really good, but donations would be extra cool!! ;)

05.09.05 - NEW SITE LAYOUT!!

Hey everyone! I'm very pleased to introduce my second layout of 'In Love With Dan Wu' since this site opened!! This is my first attempt at making my OWN site layout and I spent ages on Jasc Paint Shop Pro doing it!! (My sister helped me out, credits to her!) I think its not bad for my first attempt, but now that I get increasingly hang of all this site designing, I will change the layouts more frequently! PLEASE give me comments on how you think it looks, cos you know when you look at something for too long and you kind of don't know whether it looks good anymore...thanks!! :P

Also a fan and I had a little brainstorm ;), (we basically thought of the same thing), for a 'Lookalike' section on this site! That is, a section for all other celebs (or non-celebs) that you think looks a lot like our Daniel Wu!! I've already strongly thought some celebs look waay like Daniel and right now I'm busy collecting photos to put together!! So please would all fans help me and donate ANY useful photos!! Preferably with a similar Daniel photo with it, so as to compare! Email me with them! Hope to finish building that section soon!!