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DISCLAIMER: Me, as this Site's creator, does not personally know Daniel Wu, and this is not his Official Fansite, therefore if any information on this website is incorrect or needs to be altered, please do not hesistate to let me know. Graphics are created by me, please do not steal! If you wish to use my graphics elsewhere please let me know and give me credit. Thanks! XD
Dedicating this site to the fittest, fastest rising, most successful Hong Kong, American born Chinese actor ever.

WELCOME TO "In Love With Dan Wu"! [The #1 English fansite for HK Actor Daniel Wu] **THIS SITE IS NOW INTO IT'S SECOND YEAR RUNNING!! Wooo!**
20.01.09 - Apologies for no updates

Hi everyone, It's been a longg time since I last updated, my apologies for my absence from this site. I simply cannot manage this site anymore due to other commitments...

But I do miss maintaining this site, translating articles and posting them up for you guys to read, I regret I can't do that anymore..

I am so touched that people still visit this site, and this site is still on the first page, top five links when you Google 'Daniel Wu' haha, thank you so much for your support.

Unfortunately, I will be suspending my web development career til further notice...

I hope to get back into website designing very soon.

Much love to all of you...


03.08.07 - Contest to meet Daniel

I received this email from AliveNotDead admin a few days ago, telling of a contest and an oppurtunity to meet Daniel!
Read on for details:

Hi! I wanted to let you know about a contest that [alive not dead] is running. One lucky winner gets to win a chance to meet Daniel and the cast of "The Heavenly Kings" at the Hawaii International Film Festival this coming October. You might want to let your site users know about this contest. It's free to enter and the odds are pretty good. You can get all the information here:



- Mark

Enter, enter, enter!!

Do let us know if any of you win!! XD

Sidenote: I've kind of lost track of what Daniel is doing these days, therefore no updates... anyone know? :S

But a fan, Medji sent me a recent-ish picture of Daniel... which is kind of... erotic? Thought I'd post a link instead of the actual picture...

Click here... proceed with caution..

What do you lot make of it? :S

20.04.07 - Daniel visiting San Fransico International Film Festival

I'm sure a lot of fans have heard that Daniel will be visiting San Fransico during the end of April and beginning of May to attend the San Fransico International Film Festival and I recieved this email from the San Fransico Film Society a few days ago:


I am writing from the San Francisco Film Society. Each year we host the San Francisco International Film Festival. This year we are featuring HEAVENLY KINGS a film directed by and starring Daniel Wu. Daniel will be coming with the other members of Alive to the first two screenings of the film!

I was hoping that you might post something to your site so that we could get the word out about this exciting event!

To find out more about the screenings, click here

So calling all fans in SF, here's your chance to see Daniel and the rest of the Alive crew in person, or just go along and support Daniel's directed work 'Heavenly Kings'!

Do get photos for us fans that can't go! :(

NOW onto the big news,


26th Hong Kong Film Awards were presented on Sunday April 15, list of winners:

Best Film: After This Our Exile
Best Director: Patrick Tam Ka Ming (After This Our Exile)
Best Screenplay: Patrick Tam Ka Ming & Tian Koi Leong (After This Our Exile)
Best Actor: Lau Ching Wan (My Name Is Fame)
Best Actress: Gong Li (Curse Of The Golden Flower)
Best Supporting Actor: Gouw Ian Iskandar (After This Our Exile)
Best Supporting Actress: Zhou Xun (The Banquet)
Best New Performer: Gouw Ian Iskandar (After This Our Exile)
Best Cinematography: Andrew Lau Wai Keung & Lai Yiu Fai (Confession Of Pain)
Best Film Editing: Eric Kong Chi Leung (A Battle Of Wits)
Best Art Direction: Huo Tingxiao (Curse Of The Golden Flower)
Best Costume Make Up Design: Yee Chung Man (Curse Of The Golden Flower)
Best Action Choreography: Yuen Wo Ping (Fearless)
Best Original Film Score: Peter Kam Pui Tat (Isabella)
Best Original Film Song: Ju Hua Tai ¡]Curse Of The Golden Flower; Composer¡G Jay Chou; Lyric¡G Vincent Fang Wen Shan; Sung by¡G Jay Chou)
Best Sound Design: Nakom Kositpaisal (Re-Cycle)
Best Visual Effects: Ng Yuen Fai, Chas Chau Chi Shing, Emil Yee Kwok Leung, Alex Lim Hung Fung (Re-Cycle)
Best New Director: Daniel Wu (The Heavenly Kings)
Best Asian Film: Riding Alone For Thousands Of Miles (China)

Daniel looked slick and fit as ever that night in a dashing suit and with beautiful Lisa S on his arm, they made a picture perfect couple!

And just a random note, I have noticed quite a significant increase of traffic to this site in these past few months, I now get an average of over a hundred unique visitors to this site every day!! And no wonder, because as Daniel becomes ever the more known, I searched 'Daniel Wu' on the main search engines and realised my site ranks either third or fourth! Great news, since this site started off being on the 6th or 7th page :D

Thanks for all your support to Daniel, this site and my efforts, I will continue to work hard on it XD

22.03.07 - NEW LAYOUT at last

A fresh layout at last, hope you guys like it! This one was kinda rushed cos I don't have much time, coursework deadlines!! But I'm sure everyone was getting sick of the very overdue birthday layout, haha...so just a ways of showing I'm still here XD

Some news:

17.02.07 - HONG Kong hunk Daniel Wu wants to be a jerk - but only on screen. Enough of playing cops, nice guys and vagabonds.

'I'd love to play a total jerk, to be able to act on things that I've thought about before but not been able to do, like tell someone off. That is not me, I can't tell someone off, but I'd like to,' he told The New Paper at a media conference on Monday.

Indeed, the San Francisco-born actor is much too polite and accommodating in real life to be a rascal.

'That's why I'm an actor. It gives me a chance to try things that I wouldn't do in real life. I'm not suppressing myself, but I'm polite. There are different ways to handle situations. But it'd be fun to let it all out sometimes,' he added.

He also wants to star in a comedy.

'The past few years, I've been playing these darker, deeper roles which I like, but it's hard on the mind and body. It affects you in real life. I'd go home and not want to talk. Maybe playing a comedy would be a lot more relaxing and fun.'

Daniel was in town earlier this week with co-star Louis Koo to promote the anti-narcotics blockbuster Protege, which opens tomorrow. He plays an undercover agent who infiltrates the underworld network and becomes a protege to a drug lord played by Andy Lau.

Speaking to reporters at The Ritz-Carlton, the 33-year-old did sound a little jaded. The sparkle of his early days was gone.

'Things are going a little too fast and I want to slow down a little bit. I've got this movie out now, and two more movies coming. I think it's enough,' he said.

With about 40 films in eight years under his belt - which works out to an average of five flicks a year - it's no wonder the 2005 Golden Horse Best Supporting Actor wants to shift to a lower gear.

Even then, there's nothing the wushu-trained architect-turned-actor won't sacrifice for the art of movie-making, including posing nude.

'My image is not that important. What's important is that the viewers are absorbed by the movie. As long as the role is well-written, I will do it. Even if it's a nude scene, I will do it if it helps the story.'

The down-to-earth actor is obviously doing the right things.

Even though he has been open about his romantic life - he once dated Maggie Q and is now seeing model Lisa S - fans still like him enough to vote him the second cutest actor after Edison Chen in a Hong Kong online poll. He is also the actor most Taiwanese Web users want to see naked in a pictorial book.

'My career has been relatively smooth over the past eight, nine years. I'm sure skills, talent and looks have a part to play in it, but it is also a lot of luck,' he admitted.

Daniel will be heading to the Lee Strasburg Theatre and Film Institute in New York for a method acting workshop for two months in May. But he's not about to hit Hollywood the way ex-girlfriend Maggie is doing.

'If the opportunity comes and it's a good one, I'll take it. But so far, there hasn't been many good opportunities.

'I'm not dying to go to Hollywood. I'm tired of seeing all that stereotype rubbish on TV. I want to see Asians in roles that are not made for Asians. If that opportunity comes, yeah.'

News about Daniel's new movie 'Protege':

Derek Yee Impressed by Stars' Performances in "Protege", Sunday February 11, 2007 China

Hong Kong director Derek Yee, lead actor Andy Lau and Daniel Wu and supporting actress Ho Mei Tin posed at the press conference in Beijing on Saturday, 10th February.

Hong Kong director Derek Yee presented his newest anti-drug film "Protege" to the Beijing media on Saturday afternoon, along with its stellar cast including lead actors Andy Lau and Daniel Wu and supporting actress Ho Mei Tin.

Director Yee said that he was greatly impressed by the professionalism and dedication of the big names to this movie, setting aside their glamorous images to play breakthrough roles in "Protege".

Dubbed "Everything About Drugs", the movie "Protege" was inspired by a true story about a drug dealer and his apprentice. The film portrays the underworld realistically and emphasizes the messages that "drugs kill and drugs are bad".

Andy Lau plays a big-time drug dealer in the movie with Daniel Wu as his two-faced apprentice, concealing his true identity as an informer send by policeman. Chinese actress Zhang Jingchu plays a drug addict who trying to quit, intending to set an example to persuade her husband to quit drugs. However, she later has a love affair with Daniel Wu.

Yee said lead actor Andy Lau has gradually become a professional actor rather than an idol, presenting more mature and sophisticated performances in movies.

He also gave high credit to Chinese actress Zhang Jingchu's performance as drug addict in an unhappy marriage.

"She did much more preparation and research than what asked for her role in the movie. She was so engaged in her role during the shooting that I even started to worry that movie might leave her psychological problems," Yee said.

Daniel Wu's role as a two-faced apprentice was the most difficult one to portray, Yee said. "Other roles are much more expressive and distinctive than his. His portrayal of the role is hard to top," Yee said.

Yee, who directed the recent films "2young" and "Drink drank drunk," won the best director award at the 2005 Hong Kong Film Awards for "One Night In Mongkok."

Though the theme of the movie is far from the Spring Festival's joyous atmosphere, this movie "Protege" is expected to do well at the box office.

It is due to be released in cinemas across the nation on February 14, Valentine's Day.

Source: asianfanatics.net

08.02.07 - Hello everyone, an update at last

Firstly, a huge apology to those people who still visit here and find that I haven't updated in donkey's years... SORRY!

I have since realised that uni life really does take up a lot of your time, as much as I can't help it, I'm too busy to update this site with constant translated articles and keep up with what Daniel is up to. In fact a lot of you lot out there have a better idea of what Daniel's latest news are than me... sigh.

Which is why I am making this appeal, because this site is too precious to let go, so here is a compromise, a desparate appeal to people who are knowing in Daniel's latest news, are willing to keep up with it, and have been a fan for at least a little while, or is willing to learn fast (like I did at the beginning lol).

So here's how it goes:
Anyone who would like to help supply material for this site, either by finding good articles or info, or help to translate (or even better finding an English source) is very welcome to email me and give some information about yourself, how long you have liked Daniel, why you would like this post and what you can offer, and I'll get back to you!!

But please do remember that I am the creator of this site, and will be the editor of your translated articles, I will still be responsible for all the html files and uploading of the site.

As for the layout, I will still endeavour to create some fresh layouts especially for the 2nd year Anniversary of this site on the 23rd Feb, but you guys are welcome to create some graphics for display!!

Once again thanks for all your support, and hopefully I will get a decent reply to this!!

Oh and also a BIG thank you to Elly for revamping the NEW LOOK forum!For those of you who haven't been to check it out, do so now! Especially the Media section where Elly has kindly uploaded and linked lots of music videos and clips of Daniel, go see! XD

25.12.06 - MERRY XMAS TO ALL!



Hopefully this site will be back in the new year!! Thanks for the continuing support!! XD

26.10.06 - Daniel's new movie - HOT KISS SCENE

Visit here for the article and pics!

Apparently Daniel kissed this girl for 3 hours straight for his new movie.
On a recent HK Poll of Most Handsome HK Guy, Daniel came second, the first being Edison Chen. (How?!)
For his new movie, Daniel had to kiss a hot Mainland China actress at a Thai hotel in the middle of the night.

*Sorry due to hectic work at Uni, I really do not have time to translate this article..so sorry!*
If anyone has heard anything about Daniel's new movie, please share it with us!

Picture of hot kiss

10.10.06 - OMG, latest proof that Daniel still visits this website!

Guys, watch this video, start from around 40s and tell me if you are thinking what I am thinking!! Maybe I'm overeacting, haha.

Also, uni work has been slightly hectic recently, hence lack of time to update, but I'm still here guys! I won't fail you, hehe.

Here's letting you guys in on a little secret, the project I said I have been working on for the past few months is.... tadah!:

MIFC - EF - Michael's International Fan Club - English Fansite! (As in Michael Wong, a.k.a. Guang Liang

I rarely put non-Daniel related stuff on here, but I thought I'd share with you guys what I have been dedicating a lot of my time to recently, an artist I think is fully worth the time, I'm sure a lot of you know who Guang Liang is, he is one talented artist, and he touches to the heart's within.
But yea, I managed to successfully create the English version of his Official Fan Club site, so I'm really happy about that! Anyways enough of the blabbering on with nothing to do with Daniel. Here is a very fit, and very random picture of Daniel I found on Parakisses blog ;) Thanks!


A Very Happy Birthday to our birthday boy - DANIEL WU!
Wishing him health, happiness and love from all his family and friends! Hope your day is filled with pleasant surprises!
From all your fans!

Please do leave your birthday messages here for Daniel!!

Like this layout? ;) Sorry it was kinda rushed, I'll make the next one better!

22.09.06 - Daniel really did answer YOUR questions!!

Here are the four final lucky readers of this site or moviexclusive.com who submitted questions to ask Daniel Wu and were picked!!

* Elisia Loh - What is your favourite scene or unforgettable scene? Any interesting things happen during the shooting?
* Susan Leong - Are you attached? What kind of gal do you like? Do you believe in long distance relationship?
* Medjgan Morad - Can you identify with the characters you played? Why do you think people should watch the movie?
* Mervin T - What are the factors that made you decide to act in this movie, is it the plot/the director or character you are acting is not the same as your previous movies? Do you prefer to star in period movies or contemporary movies? How do you stay fit & healthy being an actor with a busy schedule?

Wow congratulations!! :D So happy I was able to participate in this! Damnit, I should have submitted one too...
But I'm ever so proud my site can be part of this, I recognise a few names as readers of this site who sometimes tag on the tagboard! ;)

I want to take this oppurtunity to thank Moviexclusive.com for the oppurtunity to let us fans ask our idol questions of our choice, really appreciated! Thanks!

Click here to read the report, see the pictures and more importantly, watch the interview!

I would really really like to hear from the four people who were chosen to share with us about their experience, what they think of Daniel answering their questions etc. And also those who got to see Daniel at the airport! This is a chance to really get the forum going!

Click here to start discussing!

20.09.06 - The Banquet - a success so far

Source: Crienglish

Chinese director Feng Xiaogang's first martial arts feature, "The Banquet", grossed 55 million yuan at China's box office in its first week. The film banked a cool 12 million yuan at its premiere on September 14, where it received both praise and criticism.

"The Banquet" has set a new box office record for director Feng Xiaogang. His previous highest grossing film was "A World without Thief" last December. Wu Helu, Manager of Shanghai Cinema Union, said "The Banquet" is not just Feng Xiaogang's best film, but also the best domestic film of the year.

19.09.06 - Daniel on Ziyi and Zhou Xun

Credits to http://newpaper.asia1.com/show/story/0,4136,113603,00.html

If Zhang Ziyi is fire, Zhou Xun is, well, a block of wood.
That's if you ask their hunky co-star Daniel Wu, who gets caught between them in Chinese director Feng Xiaogang's tragic epic, The Banquet. But Daniel, who was in town yesterday to promote the film, was quick to explain himself.

'I don't mean wood in the usual way (read: nerdy), but in the sense that it looks simple, but actually contains lots of details.'

Unlike the vivacious Ziyi, who commands attention when she enters a room, the more subdued Zhou Xun would slip in quietly, he said in Mandarin. 'You won't even notice she's there, but she would be there observing people,' he said at a media gathering at Oriental Hotel.

He would know. This is the second time he's teaming up with Zhou Xun. They had previously acted together for the yet-to-be-released Hong Kong film Ming Ming. And he and Zhou Xun, both Libras, apparently clicked like two peas in a pod - or rather, an iPod. The San Francisco-born Daniel, 32, told The New Paper that they once looked at each other's iPods and found the contents uncannily similar.

'It's so weird, because she grew up in China and I, in America, but there were so many songs she had that I also had. We both like alternative music.'

During filming, Zhou Xun, 30, also made a huge sacrifice for Daniel. She plays a naive general's daughter betrothed to a brooding prince (Daniel) and she bares her back for a love scene in which the anguished prince pounces on her. The director had arranged for a body double for her, but Daniel said that he felt uncomfortable doing it with someone he didn't know.

'Zhou Xun saw how awkward I was after the first take, so she decided to do the scene herself.'


Unlike the introspective prince who suppresses his emotions, Daniel said he is an expressive person who has no problem displaying his emotions. For example, a few months ago, he and his Alive bandmate Terence Yin had a small fight on their blog over some video footage. He also expresses his frustrations by doing a physical workout.

Said Daniel, who has been trained in wushu since young: 'I usually rely on exercise... Punching a sandbag is a good way to vent.' But while he is vocal with his buddies, Daniel claims to be 'stupid' when it comes to affairs of the heart. When asked if he had ever had two girls fighting over him - which happens in the movie - he laughed and said: 'If there is, I wouldn't know. I'm quite dense when it comes to relationships.

'Even if a girl were to show her affections for me obviously, I wouldn't realise it. I find it hard to tell whether she wants to be my friend or lover and it'd be so awkward if I get it wrong!' Daniel, who is reportedly dating Eurasian supermodel Lisa S, said that between two people, respect for each other is important.

In the movie, his character's two lovers are both so besotted with him that they are willing to die for him. Ziyi plays his childhood sweetheart who marries his father and becomes the empress.

So who does Daniel think is prettier, Ziyi or Zhou Xun? His diplomatic reply?

'Both are pretty, but they have their own appeal. Ziyi sparkles, while Zhou Xun has more character and style.'

The Banquet opens in theatres here on 16th September.

Just changing the subject slightly, firstly thanks so much for all the birthday wishes! Very much appreciated :D
Secondly, I purchased 'The Heavenly Kings' whilst in HK and I watched it and gave my opinion at the forum, I would really like to hear more opinions from you guys who have seen Daniel's direction! Go here to discuss!

Also I heard on a entertainment program today that with the success of TVB program 'Beautiful Cooking', they are going to do a male version and are thinking of asking Daniel to go on there and perform his cooking!! Anyone heard similar? Hope to see Daniel in a chef outfit cooking for us soon ;)

13.09.06 - Latest news on Singapore Press Conference

This is the latest news that Moviexclusive have received.
Daniel Wu will be attending a premiere 7pm at Lido theatre tomorrow. I am not sure if he will be making a public appearance or not but fans who gotten the ticket should be able to meet him in the theatre.

Hope you guys have tickets? :S

Today's my birthday.. *happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday tooooo meeee....happy birthday to me..* haiii, feeling old. :P

12.09.06 - The Banquet Debuts in China

Source: Crienglish

Chinese film director Feng Xiaogang and the cast members including Zhang Ziyi, Zhou Xun, Ge You, Huang Xiaoming and Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu, at "The Banquet" premiere in Beijing on September 9th.

After touring through four Chinese cities, director Feng Xiaogang's high profile movie "The Banquet" finally made its grand debut in Beijing on September 9th. The highly anticipated film has already proved highly controversial. Critics and reporters laughed out loud during all the wrong scenes when the Banquet premiered in Guangzhou. Some even walked out during an awkward scene. But the film received a far more positive response when it screened in Hangzhou, Xiian and Shenyang.

So what did the people of Beijing react? And how has the mixed reception affected the director and cast? "The Banquet" sparked a range of reactions from the audience when it premiered in the capital city. Some greeted the scenes with applause, while others snickered all the way through. Some said the movie has everything you could hope from a blockbuster, as well as big stars. Others panned the script, saying the traditional language sounded comical and unnatural. When asked about the mixed reception the film has received, Director Feng Xiaogang says:

"I am quite confident about this movie because I have a good understanding of audiences. "

The media have by-and-large panned the traditional language used in The Banquet. But the director stood by his script.

"The lines of the movie written by Shen Heyu are quite good. People who criticize the lines could not possibly be more familiar with traditional Chinese than Shen."

"The Banquet" is a loose adaptation of "Hamlet" that depicts an empire in chaos. The main characters ?the emperor, empress and prince ?hold a banquet to finish off their enemies. The emperor is played by Ge You, an actor known for his comic roles in the past. Many critics find it hard to take the sight of him in a dramatic role seriously, bursting into laughter whenever he appeared on screen. Ge You is somehow helpless about it.

"I do not know when and why some people laughed, but I have to accept it. Maybe I have played too many comic roles."

Most of the praise for The Banquet has gone to actress Zhang Ziyi for her sophisticated performance. But she gave a restrained response when asked what she thought of some criticisms from foreign media, such as the 'Variety' magazine, saying that her actings are too light and unstable to the queen role.

"I think the character is quite different from my own experience, including the age, the conflicts and struggles. Most audiences and the media have given me credit for the role. So I think I can describe my performance as 'steady and moderate'."

With a 200 million yuan budget, high profile director, stellar cast and soundtrack by Grammy winner Tan don't, "The Banquet" can hardly fail to be a box office hit, despite the critics.

It opens in cinemas across China from September 14th.

11.09.06 - Regarding the Singapore 'The Banquet' Press Conference

I realised a lot of Singapore or near Singapore fans have been very excited at this opportunity to see Daniel in person during this press conference, and have been asking for more details regarding where and exactly what time this press conference will be held. Therefore, I emailed Moviexclusive again to see if I could get some more details and this is their reply:

Regarding Daniel Wu's press conference in Singapore, we are not given any information yet. Normally they will not disclose such information until the very last minute.

It should be a closed door interview and members of the public will not have any access to it. Security will be tight and I won't recommend fans flying over as they might be disappointed in the end.

I don't think they will be making any public appearance at all but if there are any information on that, I will let you know as soon as possible.

So, really sorry if some fans thought they would get to take part in the press conference, it doesn't look like you will be able to get in there. But don't be too disappointed, you may get a glimpse of him in and around the area if he hangs around there!

05.09.06 - A Chance for Daniel Wu Fans to ask him any question you like!

I received an e-mail soon after coming back from HK (in which I had the time of my life XD) regarding Daniel going to Singapore for 'The Banquet' Press Conference. The email was sent from Movieexclusive.com and they are offering a great chance to us Daniel fans to ask Daniel questions at this press conference!
Here's how the email went:

Daniel Wu will be coming to Singapore for a Press Conference with co-star Zhang Ziyi on the 14th Sept 06. Moviexclusive.com will be attending the Press Conference and we will be asking him a couple of questions.

We thought of giving fans of Daniel Wu an opportunity to ask this scorching hot actor a question(s) that they might have wanted to ask but didn't have the chance to. Question(s) that are creative, insightful or pertaining to his latest movie, The Banquet will get a higher chance to be asked.

Closing Date for submitting the questions will be on 13 Sep 06! Don't wait too long !!

What a coincidence that the closing date is my birthday...*ahem* I didn't say that.

So... what are you waiting for?!

Click here to submit a question and you never know, Daniel could be answering your question at the Singapore Press Conference!

It would be good if you posted the question you submitted onto the tagboard, then we can see what question you asked because submitting to Moviexclusive isn't through this site at all so I have no way of knowing what you asked! It would be so cool if your question was picked!

Will update soon with translated articles! So sorry for delays!

17.08.06 - So sorry for lack of updates

Hey everyone, so sorry for the lack of updates, I was busy closing an important chapter in my life, and now I¡¦m onto the next short but exciting chapter, which is going to Hong Kong! I¡¦m leaving tonight so no updates for these two weeks, but I'm already planning a really cool new layout when I come back!
I want to also take this chance to thank all those who still visit this site (I can see a fair amount of people are still visiting every day) even when I haven't updated any news (my very bad), thanks for your continuing support!
I promise when I come back I¡¦ll catch up on all the updating. Hopefully I get to bump into a number of stars again, as miraculous as it was last time ;)

Take care all of you whilst I¡¦m gone!!     XD

28.07.06 - New HK Shopping Festival Advert!

Sorry for lack of updates, been working on another fansite project recently, will unveil when its done!

But here is a video of an advert i found of Daniel promoting the 'Shopping Festival' going on in HK from June to August. It's really cute and I haven't seen anything like it since DBS credit card!! It doesn't disappoint that's for sure and the girl is quite pretty. Oh, and it's in Mandarin, makes it even cuter!

Also I the trailer for Night Banquet for those who haven' seen it yet:

02.07.06 - Daniel 'Caught Drunk' on camera by Paparazzi

Adored by women and gay men alike, Hong Kong bad boy Daniel Wu is a star with attitude who often gets himself into trouble with the paparazzi. Last weekend in Taipei after a night of bacchanalian debauchery, Wu was spotted going back to the hotel drunk, but not so drunk that he didn't spot a stake out.

The agile star moved quickly, pushing the cameraman into the hotel lobby, grabbing his arms so that he couldn't take pictures and shouting "Don't use violence" while retreating to the elevator.

Unfortunately, the whole thing was caught by another paparazzo so that fans got a chance to see the star's moves.

Credits: asianfanatics.net

Discuss this topic in the forum

25.06.06 - Daniel 'Shedding Light'

Article 1:

Daniel being the first time as director in his film ¡¥The Four Heavenly Kings? found three other best buddies Terence, Andrew and Conroy to act too. The four of them were in Taiwan for 20 odd days to advertise as spokespeople for a well-known brand of alcohol. They had to perform boxing one on one as one of the events.

Maybe it is because the actions are needed to be large, so Daniel¡¦s ¡¥important part?came out to take a breather, letting Taiwanese female fans have something for their eyes to feast on. Click here for photo.

Because such a shocking situation occurred, it made people wonder why Daniel didn¡¦t wear underwear, but his manager strongly stated: ¡¥He has definitely got underwear on, but it¡¦s because the underwear the advertising campaigners supplied may have been too loose, that¡¦s why he may have shed light unintentionally.?His managing company in HK haven¡¦t commented but wish that the paparazzi would not publish this photo.

Article 2:

Alive¡¦s Daniel, Terence, Andrew and Conroy¡¦s film ¡¥The Four Heavenly Kings?has made them extremely famous so yesterday they attended a function in which they had to perform boxing.
They joked that: ¡¥We are ¡¥Beer Buddies?because every time we meet up, we drink together.?br> Daniel, who shot ¡¥THK? used the four of them as the subject of the film, whose aim was to show people some of the truths of the entertainment world and some of the people in it. In the film, truth and false winds and binds together, leading a lot of people to an unconcluded conclusion.
Daniel says: ¡¥It is a film, I want to be in the HK film awards. It is not a documentary, it¡¦s our aim to shoot a boy band film.?p> Andrew says: ¡¥In the film, the father¡¦s photo part is not real, I need to clarify. My father is still alive, because many people rang me to ask, maybe my acting was so good they believed it!?br> The four of them all agree that in the film, the part about Terence being the only one that can sing is true and Daniel takes digestion pills often is also true.

The funny thing is, in the film, Terence and Conroy are easy-going and 'whatever-goes', it seems is real, because yesterday when CRUSER workers went to meet them at the airport, they only saw Daniel and Andrew! Then they found out that it is because Terence and Conroy forgot their passports and Conroy had to stay at the airport to wait for them but the second plane that arrived only contained Terence and Conroy arrived on the third plane because he fell asleep at the airport.
Cheung stated that in the film, the four personalities are very close to reality, for example Andrew being honest, Terence having good ¡¥women fate? Conroy being humorous, and Cheung specially mentioned Daniel is the nicest to his friends, making Alive so that the other three become super well-known, but he is also as portrayed in the film, requiring perfection.

'Small S' show article

A few days ago, Daniel was in Taiwan attending a function when he ¡¥shed light?onto where the sun don¡¦t normally shine? Click here for photo.

Alive was accepting interviews on Taiwanese show when Daniel strongly insisted that he did not ¡¥shed light? ¡¥It shouldn¡¦t have been possible, my shorts/underwear were really long? And the other three of Alive also insisted that there was no such thing.

Whilst the show was recording, Daniel and Terence suddenly decided to act a bit of ¡¥Brokeback Mountain?(Hahah I reckon it should be Bishonen 2 to be precise ;) ), hugging each other and feeling each other¡¦s chest! Click here to see photo.

Daniel also appeared on a show with ¡¥Small S?as presenter, and when they got talking about the internet poll in Taiwan with Daniel being the winner for ¡¥Most wanted to be seen in a naked photo album? Daniel said he doesn¡¦t have the urge to shoot a naked photo album right now. Small S then decided to joke and said: ¡¥But will you let me have a look in private??But then Daniel shockingly agreed and even walked to the edge of the set where there were props to let her see! Afterwards, Small S said: ¡¥He only lifted up his top a little bit, I didn¡¦t see any important parts!?
Photos of Small S feeling up Daniel: 1 2 3

Credits to ent.tom.com, SingTao.

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Photos of Alive at boxing event: 1 2 3 4 5
The one that 'shed light'

11.06.06 - New Layout

Yep, I knew the other one was expiring and I was getting sick of the girliness, so I decided to do a very manly layout with New Police Story as the inspiration (where Daniel was the hottest yet). It was quite strange because I got a flash inspiration where I saw the layout really clearly in my head, and the end product actually had 90% similiarity! My layouts don't usually end up how I wanted them to be, lol. Amazing... So thanks for the comments and compliments! And due to request of making this layout available for download, here it is: XD


If you are reproducing/distributing this graphic in any way, remember to give credit back to InLoveWithDanWu.
Because the size is the standard 800 X 600, its actually 800 X 431, so you'll have to adjust it a bit.

There was a reasonably medium sized clip of Daniel touring around the area of France near Cannes Festival with TVB Scoop presenter, Derek. Daniel was filming the scenery along the way with his personal camcorder, click here to see it. (Date:2006-06-01, number 3).

26.05.06 - Daniel Mag Cover Scans

Here are some REALLY fresh (from my cousin who got off the plane from HK yesterday) magazine scans of Daniel, with his photos from Boots Promotion last year, enjoy!

1 2 3 4

25.05.06 - Daniel's Plan Ahead

John Woo is about to produce Tian Tang Kou, literally means Gate to Heaven, with a budget of over US$6 million. Set in Shanghai during the 1930s, the right place and right time for an actioner, the story is inspired by John Woo's classic work Bullet in the Head, released in 1990.

Woo has picked Chang Chen, Daniel Wu and Shu Qi to play the three leads in a love-triangle, and the cast would also include Yang Yo-Ning and Liu Ye. It will be directed by Taiwan's Chen Yi-Li, who is known for making commercials and music videos.

As the first shot of a series projects Woo has planned to do in Asia, this movie will go into production by September this year.

Credits to Peachey

24.05.06 - Graphics Section updated!

See Graphics Section. Added all of past layouts since the beginning of ILWDW site! Didn't know I've been through 8 layouts already :D

13.05.06 - Daniel on the cover of 'Cosmopolitan Star'


Has anyone got the inside feature? Would love to see the rest of the pics! I also saw Daniel on the cover of 'Milk' magazine , has anyone seen it?

11.05.06 - NEWEST released pictures of Daniel in 'The Banquet'

Here are the newest photos of his character in 'The Banquet': 1 2 3 4 5

09.05.06 - Anniversary Competition has come to an end

The Anniversary Competition has finally ended, congratulations to the winners! ;)

06.05.06 - Trailer of 'The Heavenly Kings'

Trailer of 'The Heavenly Kings'!

05.05.06 - Shall We Talk: 'Real Lies'

This took ages to translate and type up.. :)

Translated by Alice
Credits to Ming Pao Mag

Article pages: 1 2 3 4

Maybe it's been too long since Daniel's been a bad boy with character. so now he's suddenly doing something shocking to the world. Firstly he gets together with 3 others to make boy band, Alive, then secretly directs half documentary, after that he 'self-writes, self-directs, self-acts' the 'stolen song' incident by putting Alive's new song on the internet and then claiming to be 'robbed', to make the headlines. And then let the short clip of the arguement in the documentary be filtered through the media, making gossip subjects. In this way, the fake documentary, led to the media not being so pleased.

Someone (I don't know the name) once said: 'Everyone has 5 minutes of fame.' and someone changed it to 'Everyone has 5 minutes in which they crush their reputation.'

In this battle with the media, Daniel is sometimes half true, half fake, other times half good half bad, don't know whether he will make all the girls in HK shocked, that actually Daniel is Arnold Schwarznegger. (What does that mean?! :S)

The first one to admit to fake news

The day before this interviewm Daniel's directed movie 'The Heavenly Kings' premiered and because the media all knew that Alive's stolen song incident was a self made fake news, they felt deceived so these reporters at the premiere refused to report news on anything to do with this film. After many news reported on the media's attitude to '4HK', so Daniel is now encountering this biggest 'turbulence' since he entered showbiz.

I (Interviewer): Do you think you have done wrong?
They think I deceived them, to be honest, many people lie, the media also deceive people. It's just this time, I showed you the truth afterwards. I admit deceiving everyone but other celebs who lie don't tell you it's not true.

I: They say you betrayed the media's trust for you and helped you to spread fake news.
I believe I'm not the first one to do this, but I'm the first one to stand up and admit it. Should they be angry with me or this as a whole? Is there something wrong with this principle or me? This should be left for them to discuss.

Will not apologise to media

I: The female reporter you contacted cried because of this, will you say sorry to her?
I did not betray anyone. If I told her the truth from the beginning, she will be worse off. Her boss will fire her, thats why I didn't say anything. I was doing it for her good. I still think of her as a friend, this point is very important, I still care for her.

I: How are you going to solve this incident?
They can criticise me, they have the right, but they have totally misunderstood but they don't know what they're angry about. From day one, I've been very sure of what I was doing, I will not apologise. They think I got something against them but if you look at it this way, I told them the truth, I could have kept quiet about it, but I chose to tell it in this film, that this piece of news was made up by me.

I: Do you think this joke went too far?
No, no, not at all, cannot regret.

Daniel, Terence, Andrew and Conroy made up Alive, not so good at singing, and their dancing isn¡¦t the hottest either, and they are not with a record company. Their songs are only distributed on the net, which gives people the feeling they are only playing about. From the start of the year, rumours and gossip have been flying.

I: What exactly are ¡¥Alive?trying to do?
At the beginning we were trying to sign a contract with Taiwan and they told us to wait for reply, but 2 months later, there was still no news. Then after a long while, the company said they didn¡¦t wanted to sign any new people. They wanted to sign for 8 years, but you know we¡¦re all 30 something, then if we sign, we¡¦ll be 40 something by the time it finishes. So signing contract failed. We were gonna give up there but then appeared the song ¡¥Mice Loves Rice? distributed online, so then we started thinking of this way to share music, then we decided to start a website.
Why did we have to use the ¡¥stolen song?concept? Because we needed ¡¥noise?in the news we were carrying, everyone knows how we need ¡¥noise?to promote.

I: You guys arent the best in singing and dancing, why not improve?
We have tried our best and gone with famous singers to learn to sing but however we try, its been about the same standard. We¡¦re not the first ones, lots of singers can¡¦t sing. In our film, I did reveal the truth of using ¡¥Autotune?in our recording. Lots of producers have told us that a lot of singers depend on this software. I am not against these singers, just pointing out the problems with our entertainment industry. If a person¡¦s face is good to sell but can¡¦t sing, it¡¦s fine because there¡¦s software to sort it out. I think this way of doing things is not good. Us Alive are wrong too, so the aim of this film is to point it out for those who do not know.

Shooting film to make fun of self
Yea, I am making fun of self. I¡¦m not saying other people have faults, I myself have faults, so making a joke of it is quite funny. Maybe chinese people arent used to it, if you look at Western people, they sometimes take out their ugly side and show the audience. This is me, I¡¦m not lying to you.

I: The film shows that Terence almost didn¡¦t turn up for the concert because of wooing a female fan, is it true?
This isnt true, he didn¡¦t woo a fan, just for a joke. Papers say he wooed Andrew¡¦s wife, it¡¦s just the media making up stories.

I: Since last year ¡¥Boycotting Disneyland? you seem to start liking expressing your opinion publicly, why this change?
Before when I first entered this showbiz, I would listen to other people, ¡¥You should¡Kblah blah? a lot of people wanted to form my image. In the general public, there are many images of Daniel, that might not be true. Some are exaggerate, ¡¥Prince on a white horse?etc. these descriptions are too ¡¥flat? cannot wholly describe a person. I don¡¦t want to reject them, but it¡¦s too simple.
Til today, I think I can follow my feelings to do things and use my own way to express myself. Sometimes there are some things you don¡¦t think you should talk about when you are young.
The Disneyland incident is my personal experience. Those people were rude to us, so I speak out, why keep it in? A lot of people said that I did the right thing. Maybe there are some people who wouldn¡¦t speak out about it and when they see someone has the guts to say it, they will encourage and support it. Because it¡¦s not just me who has had this experience, til this day, we see a lot of these happenings.

Daniel and Lisa were photographed in their own home.

Being photographed of his and her private life, Daniel is extremely angry. He was calling the magazines rubbish on his site, and also took some action to the government, requesting for law to be set down that this type of photography should be banned. He gained support from Leon Lai and his Lok Gay Yee (model gf), who were also victims.

I: What techniques do you have to get away from the reporters?
Not really many techniques, I only knew that HK didn¡¦t have a law for ¡¥intruding on privacy photography?after being photographed by them. I don¡¦t want to move out, so I can only draw all the curtains. I was really angry, and I did think of moving to Shanghai, but Terence said don¡¦t let them affect you, you can¡¦t change your life because of the reporters otherwise they will win and ¡¥take over?

I: Your girlfriend was photographed doing ugly gestures, are you really angry about it?
She¡¦s more angry than me! Females, they are really concerned about their appearance. She is more American than me, so she doesn¡¦t understand why HK people are like this. We do read American gossip magazines, but they¡¦re never like the ones in HK. She never cried but she was a little angry at me for getting her involved.

I: When did you not mind to publicise you and your girlfriend¡¦s relationship?
When I first start to date, I don¡¦t like to tell everyone, because I don¡¦t know how long it will last, after one year, then I will not mind to let other people know.

Farting means ¡¥I Love You?p> I: What does Lisa S think of you as a person? Does she think you are humorous?
My humour is more dry, so when I joke, no one gets it or laughs, they don¡¦t know whether I¡¦m telling the truth or not.
Both of us grew up in America, while young, we both watched the same TV programmes, films, so some jokes, she will understand straight away when I say them. She says I always make her laugh.

I: How do you make her laugh?
The easiest is farting, when two people know each other for a long time, you won¡¦t specially go to the toilet to fart. We¡¦ve know each other for good few years, so I always tell Lisa that it represents that I love her, otherwise I will cover up everything and wont tell her anything. So if I can even fart in front of her then it means I like her. When two people become one, I know how she looks like without make-up, when she wakes up in the morning, what I look like when I¡¦m drunk, the most uninhibited state ?this represents a good relationship.

I: You are a dream man in many girls hearts, is Lisa S ever worried someone will take you away from her? Recently you had rumours with Zhou Xin and Zhang Ziyi?
I¡¦m not that easy to take away! Its very simple, when I love someone, I will love her straightfowardly until there is no ¡¥feel?there anymore, then I will consider finding someone else. Right now we are very comfortable together, why do I need to find someone else? I¡¦m a very simple person, I don¡¦t need many luxuries, simple is enough.

I: Two years ago, the in laws seemed to want you two to get married, when are you going to do that?
It won¡¦t be that quick, when I marry I want kids, right now I¡¦m too busy to look after them. Still got to wait a while more.

Newest American Slang

In Daniel¡¦s directed documentary, there is a side you haven¡¦t seen of him yet. Him and Alive are very fluent in Chinese and English swearwords, which is very funny to watch by the audience. They have many different types, descriptions, verbs and adjectives?so not limited to one ¡¥beep?

D: If there isn¡¦t ¡¥beep?noise, the film will become ¡¥Category 3? but when the DVD is released, there will be a ¡¥Category 3?edition.
In real life, even handsome men will swear: D: I¡¦m a guy, man. When I learnt my first swearword, it was XXXX, my cousin brother taught me it, and I taught him some English swearwords.

But obviously, while he was being interviewed, he was very polite and did not swear, he was just teaching journalists the newest American swearword slang.
D: It¡¦s still the same words, but using them in different situations. For example, if you call a man ¡¥bitch? it means he hasn¡¦t got the guts, not a man. In America, there is a comedy show, Dave Chappelle, who starts off the show by saying: ¡¥I¡¦m a rich biotch?

We don¡¦t know whether Daniel teaching new American slang will do any good, or corrupt others, but knowing more is still good. What if next time he¡¦s angry with reporters again, and he uses these words, at least you know what it means.

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Random videos found of Daniel: 1

04.05.06 - Found a new article in Ming Pao Mag!

I was flicking through 'Ming Pao' dated 15.04.06 and I found a feature on Daniel on 'Shall We Talk' section! I was quite pleasantly surprised... It was titled: 'Real Lies', so it's gonna be talking about the very controversial issue - Alive lying to the media.
Watch this space.. undergoing translation...

Also all those who entered the Anniversary Competition, please contact me via email with these details:

1. Your postal address
2. What you want inside your 'media CD'
3. Anything else I might need to know

3.05.06 - Added New Top Affiliate

De Miriam

30.04.06 - Update on 'The Banquet'

Credits: asianfanatics.net

Chinese films have become hot tickets around the world, but few movie-goers outside China have even heard of arguably the country¡¦s most popular director, Feng Xiaogang.

Things might change as the director has just finished his newest project, ¡§The Banquet", which is being seen as his most serious shot at overseas markets.

Feng Xiaogang has been one of China's most beloved, bankable movie names for almost a decade by his honing in on native tastes. His light, overtly contemporary comedies screened every Lunar New Year have been a custom for many Chinese.

But with his contemporaries Zhang Yimou and Chen Kaige already winning international acclaim with their big budget films, the veteran director is also expressing his ambition.

Feng¡¦s newest project "The Banquet" is a serious historical drama, an obvious shift from his former comedic-style.

Director Feng says he¡¦s taken on this new style in order to fulfill and express the romantic sentiments deep in his heart.

¡§I¡¦ve dreamed of shooting some romantic and even tragic films. Few of these feelings and sentiments have appeared in my previous work. Now, ¡¥the Banquet?has become a great opportunity for me to express my inner feelings.?

And ¡§the Banquet?represents his most serious shot at overseas markets, especially since he has cast Zhang Ziyi, China's hottest star, in the leading role.

Now, another of the film¡¦s cast members, Zhou Xun, has just won the Best Actress Award at the 25th Hong Kong Film Awards.

Some say the two award winning actresses will certainly insure to the success of the film¡¦s box office, but Feng Xiaogang believes the two actresses offer more than just fame.

"I think a film not only needs best actor or actress winners but also need actors and actresses with real talent and skills and full devotion to the production. I think Zhang Ziyi and Zhou Xun are both award winners and actresses whom I admire.?p> Regardless of the style departure or international interest, Feng believes his new movie, to be screened this September, will still be a hit in the domestic market.


15.04.06 - Article: 'Liars Alive used the media to promote own movie.'

Here is an article dated '07.04.2006' I have translated:

Credits: http://hk.movies.yahoo.com/news/ent/006040601201mqnu.html

Alive - Daniel, Terence, Conroy and Andrew are in fact LIARS!

Usually celebrities say that reporters 'make stuff up' but in fact Alive are the ones who are making stuff up soon. This documentary directed by Daniel starring four members of Alive to make the 'Four Heavenly Kings'. In fact just for promoting their movie, they seek attention by setting up a con, using reporters.

'The Four..'s content is about when Alive tried to enter the entertaintment business but because a certain record company put out such poor provisions, Alive refused and started to think how to promote themselves. The film says that Alive lied to girl reporter by phoning her up and saying their new song was stolen and put on the internet illegally. After they hung up the phone, the whole evil plan hatched by Daniel, had a smug face. After, they had a press conference then the rumour came out that they had arguments/were not friends.

In actual fact, everything was a lie, all Daniel's careful planning. Alive calls this a 'documentary' but we reckon this is documenting their lies. The ending was Alive discussing the controversy, Conroy thinks its a type of markteting, Terence and Daniel tried to protect themselves by saying: 'Many managers came together for a meeting and made these rumours, this time Daniel himself made this up.' (I don't really understand this part..)
Alive can 'make stuff up', but how can they use and abuse the media and blatently lie to the whole public?

And then Alive's asisstant admit the documentary has 'misleading' content, he says 'What you see is what is there,' and then after quietly discussing with Alive for a while, they knew it is getting to be a serious matter. Then they tried to defend themselves. Normally Daniel who speaks well in public, became stuttering in his speech.
D: 'The plot was false?! The song was put on the internet was real!? You (as in public) shouldn't see it as a documentary, see it as a film, using the media, we wanted it to be part real, part fake mixed together, then it will be more humorous?!'
Very strange... A while ago he said it will be a documentary, even news reporters say its a phenomenal documentary but now Daniel is going back on his words.

Daniel also said this documentary has many swearwords and also have copied from celebrities e.g. Beatles, etc..

Alive's actions have made a female reporter (who have been supportive of them and helped them all along) cry at once, because she trusted them. She half cried half sobbed and shouted: 'How dare you, you lied to me for three years!'

Discuss this article in the forum.

Oh and I haven't forgotten about the competition.. will release more details soon!

12.04.06 - Changed layout!

Hope you guys like this new layout! The theme is 'Surrender to the beauty, charisma.. of Daniel...' sort of thing, made it a while back and the anniversary layout was running out...

Will update properly real soon.. XD

22.03.06 - Daniel's privacy intruded

As we all can read from Daniel's blog entry, he is extremely fired up about the paparazzi and their lack of respect for his and his girlfriend's privacy. Us as fans should support him fully on this! Hope this will come to an end soon. Peace!

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22.03.06 - Added Online Users Counter

Just a quick note to say that I added an 'Online Users Counter' just on the left under 'Daniel's Latest Photos', just to make this site a little bit cooler! XD

22.03.06 - Fans wanting Brokeback Mountain Chinese re-make

Credits to: asianfanatics.net

Since Lee Ang took home the prestigious Oscar for "Best Director" for 'Brokeback Mountain', it has been hotly discussed on discussion boards and recently an online poll was taken asking who people wanted to play the leading roles that Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger played in Brokeback mountain. The results are as follows.

1) Wang Leehom + Daniel Wu
2) Andy Lau + Aaron Kwok
3) Liu Ye + Anthony Wong

Wang Leehom and Daniel Wu are both ABCs going down similar paths.

Wang Leehom is a well known composer/producer/songwriter/singer in Asia while Daniel Wu is a well known model and Actor in Asia. Both have taken up other hobbies. Leehom has been in a total of 2 HK films, 1 Japanese film, and 2 small scale "art" films, he also did the voice over for the mandarin version of the "Iron Giant." and he has had 7 directing gigs. Daniel Wu has taken his hobby for music to another level and is part of the band ALIVE. The two have crossed into each other's territories.

Wang Leehom was born in Rochester, New York. He had originally planned to become a doctor, however at the very last minute he decided to reject American schools Yale and Princeton and pursued a music degree at Williams College. It was there that he wrote and produced a 570+ page broadway play for his Honors Thesis. After graduating he attended graduate school at Berklee Institute of Music. In total he was in over 10+ school musical Broadway productions, and he stared in his first musical "Bye Bye Birdie" when he was only 13; he was the youngest cast member to play a main role. He was discovered when he first visited Taiwan when he was 17 and decided to join a singing competition for fun.

Daniel Wu was born in San Francisco, California and moved to and grew up in Orinda, California. He attended University of Oregon for a degree in Architecture. He's perfromed Chinese Martial Arts, known as Wushu, since he was young and as a result he is very skilled in that art. He served as the head coach for the University of Oregon's Wushu Club. Daniel was first discovered by entertaiment excecutives when he went to Hong Kong during vacation after his college graduation. It was then that he started his modeling and acting career.

Both Leehom and Daniel Wu started off with limited chinese speaking abilities. Leehom had always had interest in the Chinese culture, but he only spoke French and English and did not learn to speak Chinese until he was 18 and took classes in College. Daniel Wu, too, spoke a limited scope of chinese. Both have improved tremendously. Daniel Wu had more Chinese knowledge than Leehom because Daniel grew up speaking Shanghainese and English. He had to learn Cantonese for his movies, even though there are still some accents, he has improved tremendously. Leehom has improved so much that he has gone from a Chinese illiterate to one who is able to write/co-write almost all the lyrics in his albums.

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05.03.06---LOVE UNDERCOVER 3!!

Cannot believe they're doing Love Undercover 3 without Daniel.. that's just wrong..
Article 1:
News about Love Undercover 3: shooting of the film is well underway with Fiona Sit replacing Miriam's 'Fong Lai Goon' character AND Daniel also having a replacement of Takuya, a Japanese actor who is a lookalikey of Daniel!! (See Latest photos)

A couple of nights ago, while they were filming, you cannot help but notice Fiona always sneaking peeks at the handsome Takuya! When asked whether she thinks Takuya is handsome, she blushes and says: "Ah? I don't think its appropriate to answer that!"
How do you communicate with him?: "Apart from using pinyin, my Japanese is limited! I can only say 1 to 10, and 'Good morning'!"
Will there be any 'kiss' scenes?: "Not sure, will see about it later!" Fiona hopes to take this chance and learn lots of Japanese.

Article 2
Fiona Sit has been busy shooting for Love Undercover 3 recently, with the character previously enacted by Miriam Yeung in 1 & 2, the box office was certainly satisfying. This time, they found Jap-version-Daniel-Wu, Takuya. On 2nd March, they were filming scenes for the movie, and before it was time to get into place, the pair were reading the scripts together, but Fiona said that she hasn't even looked at Takuya properly yet, so she doesn't know whether he really does look like Daniel. It seems she doesn't really 'feel' much towards handsome guys.
Fiona had to shoot a internal car scene with Jap guy, and before needing to be in place, Takuya was seen to be working hard at memorising his script in Chinese pinyin.
When asked if Takuya is handsome, Fiona says: "I don't have much opinion because I didn't look at him properly, and I haven't noticed whether he's handsome yet."
So who is more handsome, Takuya or Daniel?: "What do you think? I haven't analysed it!"
Are you taking over Miriam in this movie?: "I'm not afraid of comparing, this time the story and characters are totally different, I have a different name."

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Article 1 2


23.02.06----WELCOME ---- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

HEEY everyone! Welcome to a new look ILWDW!!
'Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to ILWDW.. Happy birthday to yoooouuu!!!'

Yep it's the first anniversary of this site!! (Actual date started: 23rd February 2005) And its also been one whole year since I was first fell head over heels in love with Daniel, making him my biggest obsession ever! Over this past year, I have made a site for him, from it being very poor quality to what it is now. It's been ever-changing and I'm really pleased with how its grown and improved, most importantly thanks to you guys, the loyal fans that visit this site! XD
In the future I will be making more graphics for this site, because now I can finally say I'm ok at designing site layouts! Please feel free to browse the new layout and navigation! I've added a number of new features:

  • Brand new forum with many subforums to have exciting discussions in

  • Site related contains all the info about the older versions of my site, the old guestbook, forum, chatterbox posts, Daniel's messages for me, past layouts etc..

  • Graphics section (which is still under construction) contains all graphics that I now make! It will include wallpapers, avatars and fan art! PLEASE DONATE FAN ART TO GET THIS STARTED!

  • All Daniel info is now under one section

Happy Browsing!

N.B. Some links are still not sorted yet, so please bear with me while I sort the rest out.